IPAR GIOIELLI has been operating in Rome in the field of high and medium jewellery production, for more than thirty years. After a long collaboration, the three business associates, Roberto Mazzotti, Fabio Porcini, and Luigi Colicchio, decided to put together their experiences, acquired by working in close contact with the best goldsmithing masters of the Italian scene, and to give life to a company able to combine innovation and tradition, therefore to create high-quality jewels with an impactful design, remaining faithful to the values of the centuries-old goldsmithing manufacture, pride of our country.

Ipar Gioielli has always distinguished itself in the markets for the excellence of the Made in Italy, the care for detail, and the attention to the production process, all of which has formed a reliable relationship with its clientele. Today, Ipar Gioielli produces and distributes three different brands: Lunatica Gioielli, classic jewellery, Arsublime, high jewellery, Yashir, diamonds in sealed packets. These three brands with different identities, with which the positions on the market aim at different targets, share the same quality standards.



Starting from tradition, we invest in a research that exalts the jewel, combining innovative designs with the style of Italian craftsmanship.


Rigor and care in every production phase: we create jewels characterised by the highest quality, following the philosophy of the ‘beautiful and well-made’.


Growing in a sustainable way, maintaining the values of integrity and respect for others and for the environment. The jewels are produced using precious metals and diamonds of guaranteed origin in compliance with the Kimberley Process.