Ipar Gioielli has always given a fundamental role to the artisan creation of its jewels, making use of skilled labour. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the three business associates, Ipar Gioielli is able to select expert craftsmen and choose the highest quality materials, to strongly emphasise the company focus: bring the excellence of Made in Italy in the world and create jewels that express our passion for beauty. Good taste, style, and natural Italian elegance make it so that wearing one of our jewels turns into a unique and precious experience.


We are the first jewellery company in Lazio, an Italian region, to have joined TFashion, the traceability system of the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Through this system, we are able to tell the story of our production, highlighting the local origin of the production processes.

We want to promote transparency by giving our products a label that contains all the information on the production processes and the places in which they were made. This is a first step to establish the strength and uniqueness of our products in Italy and in the world.

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Traceability code: AGR0085A


The Authenticity of the products is guaranteed by the identification mark n.1310RM, punched inside all our jewels.

We certify that the presence of nickel in our products complies with the European standard EN 1811:2011.

All jewels are produced using diamonds of guaranteed origin, in compliance with the Kimberley Process: certification agreement aimed at guaranteeing that the profits derived from the trade of diamonds are not used to finance civil wars.